Wednesday, April 1, 2015

About Me!

Hello, my name is Sacha Martin. I am a 24 year old art education major at Henderson State University. I live in Amity, Arkansas with my Husband Matthew who I have been happily married to for a little over two years.
I was born in the Netherlands and I lived there until I was 9 years old. Although, I did not speak English when my mom, my sister, and I moved to Glenwood, Arkansas in 2000, I started 2nd grade right away. That was a grand adventure!
Like I said, I am and Art education major and my main interests are sculpture and ceramics. I prefer to work with 3D material because I am a very hands on person. There is just something wonderful about manipulating material into something brand new.
I want to teach art because I believe art helps student to relax and express themselves in a nontraditional way. I love kids and I think teaching is one of the most fulfilling professions anyone can go into. Getting to teach kids about art will be very exciting and rewarding.
My husband and I recently bought our first home and one of our main hobbies is gardening. We plant things like peppers, okra, tomatoes, watermelons, and fruit trees. Almost all the produce we eat, we have grown in our own garden, and we take great pride in that.
Along with gardening, we have started canning many of the foods we grow. Some of our favorite things to can include, pickles, rotel, pepper jelly, plum jelly, deer meat, figs, and sauerkraut.
The reason I chose to write a blog about mason jars is because there are countless ways to use them. They can be used for canning food, storing things, drinking lemonade or sweet tea, decoration, and they can even be used for ART! Through this blog, I will explore various ways to utilize mason jars.

Check out this blog for some adorable mason jar ideas!


  1. I think, having your own garden is impressive, not only does it take a lot of time, but not everyone can have a green thumb. And i for one never knew that mason jars could be used for so many things. That is good to know since being in South there a many mason jars around.

  2. Of everything you just talked about... Moving from the Netherlands and learning English stuck out the most!!! As a Spanish Education Major... I know how difficult it can be to learn a new language... So that is AWESOME!!!!