Monday, April 13, 2015

Web 2.0 Tools

Psychopaint is a digital painting tool. It is useful for making digital paintings. One of the tools available in psykopaint is different types of paint brushes including pencil, Pissaro, Monet, and Van Gogh. Other tools include colors, special effects, and layers.

This tool could be useful in the classroom because it is a lot like digital painting on Photoshop, which is what many digital artists use today. It will help them to get use to using the similar tools available. It is also a good way to use technology to make art.

Lets Crate

Lets Crate is a really easy way to share files with others. Just select a crate, drag and drop as many files as you want into the crate, then share with the people you want to share them with.  Lets Crate provides a short URL to make it easy to use.

Lets crate would be a good tool to use in my art class because it would allow student to turn in digital work to me in a simple easy way. It would also allow the students to share their work with class mates.

This is a photo editing tool that has many editing tools. Some of the tools it offers are special effects, collage, and animations. It also offers filters, boarders, and frames. This tool can be used with photographs.

This tool is helpful in any photography project. It will also be helpful with projects that require pixilation like one of my paint swatch lessons that is designed to teach students about color blending.

Tubechop is a tool used to take videos and clip out the parts you like best. There's nothing more irritating that having to watch a 20 minute video just to see the 5 minutes that you actually need. It also allows you to share the clips with people.

Tubechop could be useful in my classroom to show examples of how a project is done. It could also be useful for art history or educational information that would go with the section I am                                                               teaching.

Photosnack is a photo slideshow maker. It is a easy tool to use to make professional looking photo slides. It also is very easy to share your photo slides with others using this tool. Just choose your photo, upload it to photosnack customize it, and share.

This tool would be useful in my class to show students previous student work as examples for the next project they will be doing. Since art students are often visual it helps to see what they are suppose to be making.

Tux Paint
Tux paint is a drawing program for children 3-12. It has be used in schools around the world as a computer literacy drawing activity and it has an easy to use interface. Students are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative.
This could be used in art class to allow younger kids to be creative using technology. Often kids are intimidated by a blank piece of paper but with this tool it would be in a different setting and may not be so scary.

Chopper can be used to create your own comic strip. It has a variety of drawing tools to choose from. This will allow students to digitally create there own comic strip.
Creating a comic strip would allow them to be artistic and creative while also using their writing skills. On top of using writing skills, students could base there comic on a historical event to incorporate cross curriculum in two ways.

Letterpop allows you to make professional looking newsletters and brochures. It is set up in an easy three step process. Letterpop has many layouts to choose from to make it simple.
This tool could be used for students to design there own brochures for the events they are involved in. It could also be used by the teacher to create weekly or monthly newsletters to parents.

This tool allows you to create a website in minutes! It is a website builder for people who have little computer skills. It allows you to edit in one place and publish everywhere.
This web builder would be an easy-to-use tool for teachers who want to setup a class website. It could be used to keep parents updated and let them see what there kids are learning.


Glogster allows you to combine images, videos, music, photos, and audio to create a multimedia page. The canvas freedom allows students to be expressive and creative. Some of the tools available include mix text, graphics, and more.
This tool could be used as a more exciting way for student to share research with one another. It is visually pleasing and would help students get excited about learning.


  1. Tube Chop sounds like a great tool! Sounds like it is a lot better than having to wait over 10 minutes to find a video clip.

  2. The Crate is an awesome idea. I think it is quirky and efficient. I think students could really benefit from this. I think this could become the modern day pen pal tool.